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There are a few things in life as sweet as time spent with friends and family. It is in anticipation of Thanksgiving that we offer you this three-part series that integrates vintage and food (but not vintage food!).

First up: Appetizers. Not only are they a great way to create extra time for the turkey, they are also a great way to set the mood for your feast.

We have a friend who is notorious for making ridiculously delicious things. On one occasion, it was Bacon and Cashew Caramel Corn. You read that right: bacon and caramel and cashews and popcorn – all in one delicious – and certainly not low-cal – snack (pic-source).

In the spirit of giving, here is the dowloadable recipe card!

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be looking for the best way to display and serve things this holiday season. We’ve seen a little more than we did last year, and we have higher expectations than the plastic bowls used in years past. At our parties, we’ll be serving our popcorn (Boy Scouts or the recipe above) in something like this:or this: If the popcorn is part of a larger array of snacks, we’d opt for this beauty, to add both height and interest. Quite frankly, we’d both really enjoy the juxtaposition of such a common food in such a fancy dish:So that guests don’t get their hands too dirty and maintain the ability to hold other foods and beverages, and to have some fun, we’d make a note for guests to fill their popcorn goblets: These snack chalices would be set out on either this footed tray:or passed on this tray:My theory is that I have two options: I can cook well and serve with mediocrity, or I can serve beautifully and you’ll be too distracted to notice what you’re tasting. If you can do both, I salute you!

And, the Attic Birds are here to help your service become more beautiful! All of the items shown are in our freshly re-stocked Etsy store! Links for the above are below, but go – peruse – and get yourself, and your friends, ready for the holidays ahead!

1. Unger Bros Star of David Crystal Bowl
2. Crystal Diamond Pattern Bowl
3. Crystal Belle Epoque Epergne
4. Set of 9 Gorham Silver Plated Goblets
5. International Co London Large Silver Rectangular Tray with Feet
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