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We hope you enjoyed our first installment on appetizers; and now, we move to the main course. We’re not going to tell you how to do your turkey, though Chef Alton Brown had some hilarious things to say to Melissa Block on All Things Considered this week — listen, don’t read it, trust me! (You’ll giggle when you hear the secret word!)

One of the best things about Thanksgiving dinner is the plethora of sides available. You’ll either load them on or spoon just a bit – but you know you’ll get around to tasting them all. The Red Hen makes a killer stuffing with sweet Italian sausage. Wouldn’t it look fabulous in this:

Our friend Julie makes wonderful bacon wrapped green beans for her family every year. Here’s her recipe, straight from Louisiana! I think Julie’s family would be impressed if she piled her bundles high on this:

One of my favorite side dishes is baked sweet potatoes with apples. I’m usually a marshmallow girl, but I definitely prefer the savory kind of sweet that comes from maple syrup and great ingredients. Here’s the recipe for Yankee Baked Sweet Potatoes with Apples.

These sweet potatoes would be made even sweeter if served in one of these (it’s a little outside the box!):

Gravy doesn’t really count as a side, but this recipe for Savory Cider and Thyme Turkey Gravy was just too mouth-watering to pass up. And, it would taste even better coming out of this spout:

Or ladled out of this patina-ed boat:

Lastly, one of the silent winners of Thanksgiving dinner is bread. Whether in loaf or roll form, they are the key to soaking up all the sauce. I love this recipe for Sweet Beer Bread – I’ve made it several times this season using pumpkin ale (I really like Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale).

And, what better way to display this unsung hero than on a gorgeous silver-plate tray:

Or this art-deco inspired tray:

The Attic Birds wouldn’t give you this inspiration without a shopping key!

1. Art Deco Inspired WM Rogers Silverplate Bowl
2. Rogers Bros Heritage Shallow Bowl on Pedestal
3. ABP Cut Glass Ice Cream Bowl
4. ABP Cut Glass Sherbert Bowl
5. Reed & Barton “Winthrop” Gravy with Saucer
6. Rogers Bros Daffodil Gravy
7. Ornate Poole Silverplate Bread Tray
8. Art Deco Inspired Silver-Plated WM Rogers Tray


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