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What do you do with all of your broken ornaments? Or those that don’t match your style of your tree anymore?

The Red Hen put together this great wreath for me a few years ago. It’s had its share of touchups, and could really use a new ribbon next year – but it’s just so right. Using leftover Christmas ornaments is like going to the land of misfit toys – you have to try it once!

Supplies needed: artificial wreath (I chose natural, but a silver wreath would also look great), hot glue gun, ribbon, filler berries, bag-o-ornaments.

Place the ornaments around the wreath in the approximate configuration you want to glue them in – remembering that once you commit with hot glue, you don’t have much time to change your mind. Every once in a while, step back and make sure you’re not too cluttered or heavy. Add in your berries and a bow, and merry wreath!