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This is our last post of 2012!! To celebrate, we are taking a look at the best and the awesome of 2012.

Sale-ing with the Attic Birds guarantees a lot of laughs, usually because we cannot resist trying on interesting costumes, clothing, hats, etc.  Below are some of the best we left for someone else to take.
imagetAB 11-3-12 (1) Emily in Bonnett

You can encounter some scary creatures when you get up early on Saturday mornings, and they usually haven’t had their coffee.  Thankfully this one was stuffed.

Lion-Emily Lion-Lainey

This year also confirmed that we really are good friends who genuinely like each other (and, Lainey has an extremely understanding and supportive husband). We spent 48 almost-continuous hours polishing and photographing 100+ pieces of silver, crystal, and glass, and we’re still excited for more! Here are some pictures from our Labor-intensive Labor Day Weekend.

Labor Day wpid-IMG_20120902_125409_290.jpg wpid-IMG_20120902_125417_370.jpg wpid-IMG_20120902_245431_155.jpgNapoleon Helps

One of the biggest highlights of our year was helping throw a baby shower for our friends Kristian and Matt.  From the invitations, to the silver punch bowl, to the small vintage booties in the centerpiece, we incorporated a lot of vintage touches into what was most definitely the most fun baby party ever.  You can read more about it here.

Baby shower

To end our year-in-review, it is only appropriate to show some our favorite finds from the year.  Estate sale-ing takes patience and perseverance, but when you come across the good stuff, it makes going through the weird, the smelly, and the questionable all worth it.  Below are some of our favorite finds from the year:

Blue purse wpid-20121122_175121.jpg moustache cups (03)

Happy New Year!  May 2013 bring you and your family many blessings!!

~Emily and Lainey