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My first acquisition of 2013 was this gorgeous Jacobean revival buffet/sideboard from the late 1910s, early 1920s!!


Getting this piece was very stressful, it was one of the first items we saw in the house and I fell in love at first sight.  The only problem is it was priced over double what I was comfortable spending.  I decided to stick to my budget and offer a bid (hoping no one would see how awesome it was and out bid me).  While standing in line, I noticed a group of women discussing the buffet and it looked like they were debating to purchase it.

My heart sank.  As I was fretting over someone else getting this piece of furniture that I truly loved, Lainey was paying attention to what was happening around us (thankfully).  She overheard a conversation where the woman running the sale accepted an offer on a sofa that was less than half of the price marked.  This was a good sign for me and meant that I should offer my price and let them know we’d take it right then.  It worked!  I bought my new buffet for $200 (originally $425)!!

The plan for the buffet is to add shelves above it with wine glass racks. To make it look nice and glossy, I will get some Johnson’s Furniture Wax (Wal-Mart was out this past week) and rub that all over the piece.  But for now, I am just enjoying having another place to put my estate sale finds!

Lesson learned – pay attention to conversations with the sale workers, if they are accepting lower offers it is a good sign and you should definitely offer lower than what is marked.

Happy hunting!