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I love wandering through large antique malls.  The really good ones always look closed or deserted and when you walk in there is that distinct smell of dust and old.  I also like the ones that are huge and filled with a ton of different vendors (they have the best variety of stuff).

While wandering through Antiquibles in Ross, TX with my parents, I acquired these beauties for $18!


Based on the logo on “Addie the All-American Horned Frog’s” sweater, I place these glasses to be from the 1960s (SuperFrog didn’t get his name until 1979).


Some additional fun facts about one of the most unique mascots in college:

  • The Horned Frog has been TCU’s mascot since 1897 when the university was AddRan Christian University (renamed TCU in 1902)
  • Horned frogs are depicted as ancient, powerful, and respected in Southwest Native American stories
  • Horned frog was named the State Reptile of Texas in 1992

My collection of TCU memorabilia is pretty small, but I have these glasses proudly displayed on my new buffet (next to the wine)!