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While shopping in an antique mall in Hot Springs, AR, one of the ladies in our group came across this painted sign that gave us all a little giggle.


Later, I was thinking about conversations I’ve had with my mom about stuff (clothing, jewelry, etc) that she threw out over the years that have come back into fashion.  We know to save things like silver, crystal, and china for future generations, but what about things like purses that we give away because we are tired of them?  It got me thinking about the things I’ve given away over the years–have I gotten rid of stuff that will make a comeback in future generations?

Should I keep a box of clothing, shoes, handbags, and things, just in case?  How do I know what will be interesting to my future daughters, nieces, etc?  I’ve come up with some general “rules” for stuff I my consider keeping for future generations.  These are based off of criteria I use when deciding if I want a vintage apparel item.

  • Is the item made well?  Will it last?
  • Is the basic silhouette a classic shape?
  • Is the fabric or print in colors and designs that are timeless?
  • Is the designer well-known or have vintage pieces that are currently in demand?

I’m sure future generations of females in my family will look at old pictures of me and (hopefully) wish that they had access to some of the clothes I wear today.  I’d like to think there is a timeless quality to my style.  Most likely, I will keep the vintage pieces I’ve acquired, my good costume jewelry, and clothing or accessories that hold good memories. The rest may have to live only in memory.