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So I know this guy named Bert. He’s one of those guys that everyone should know. Bert is a great artist and an all-around interesting person. So interesting, in fact, that he lives in an old Half Price Books warehouse, has oft-moving walls, and once had both a chicken and a rottweiler living peaceably together.

The last time we were at Bert’s was for the Cedars Open, an art crawl through South Dallas. While admiring his, and other artists’ work, we spied a set of teal lockers in a pile of sheet metal. We commented to Bert that they were wonderful and asked that he give us a ring should he ever decide to part with them. No less than a few weeks later, we got that call – and came into possession of a set of 8 lockers….in an array of assemblage!

lockers (1)lockers (3)lockers (4)Sweet hubs worked hard to put humpty back together again…

lockers (2)lockers (5)lockers (6)Now they stand proudly as tAB inventory storage!

lockers (7)

As with all things vintage, there’s a story behind these lockers. Straight from Bert’s fingers to your eyes…

I got those turquoise (no I did NOT paint them!) beauties from the old lone star optical lens grinding facility (remember eye GLASSES?) a couple buddies of mine owned on Beaumont street down from Lee Harvey’s more near South Ervay. Tasked with blow torching a dozen or so galvanized pipes flush to the cement floor, and a few other less onerous jobs, these cool lockers were partial payment. We’re guessing they were in the employee lounge or some such.

I loved the fact that all my clothes and towels and sheets fit into the half height bins, never labeled anything, just went to where my work t shirts were, for instance, and took off the bottom and replace clean on the top.

Moved them [and] they sort of languished in a sloppy purgatory for a year or two while I gradually moved. Eventually unloaded on our friend, Lena, (I had a great aunt with that name so free delivery!). After a couple years…she asked me if I wanted them back?  Not really, moved on, but maybe for the shop…so i retrieved them…in pieces! Lusted after by many suiters, no worthy, I finally conned y’all into taking them! I drive a hard bargain.  So enjoy them while you are lofting.

We thank Bert again for passing the lockers along! Click here to find out more about Bert and his art!