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We are frequently asked to help friends find barware for their offices.

You read that right – drinking at work. All work and no drinks make lawyers scary people, folks.

I don’t know which came first: our silent obsession with all things Mad Men or the need to openly drink at work (rather than the usual bottle-in-the-bottom-drawer) — but I do like that this once-scoffed office accessory is now making a bold fashion statement. (source)

AMC Mad MenThe barware part of this is pretty straightforward – a couple of decanters with your favorite potions, an ice bucket, and appropriate glasses. I think this is a great opportunity to flaunt your inner prep-ster and have monogrammed drinkware, like these wonderful H glasses I got from a friend.

imageThe decanters should be of varying height and size — you have a brief moment to make an statement, so stick with like styles (crystal or cut glass vs modernist streamlined) to keep the impact and avoid confusion. A few holders for stirrers and detritus, a handful of coasters, and a serving tray to pull it all together makes for your own one-stop office happy hour! (With much less chance of an awkward conversations about TPS reports over bad music.) We posted last June about what a well-stocked bar entails. Your office bar is obviously a scaled-down version, but it should have the same skeleton of necessities.

The most difficult part of this project is the table / stand / barcart. Quality vintage barcarts are difficult to come by, not to mention the fact that your all-brown no-personality office furniture is setting the tone for what will work in the corner. On a recent jaunt to the antique mall, I found loads of great options in all kinds of styles. This is one of the few personal moments you get to have in your office – so allow your personality and style to come through.
imageimageimageimageOur friend Lindsay just finished this boozy beauty in her office – the perfect blend of old, new, shiny, classic, and her killer style. All she’s missing is a Kendra Scott-esque liquor tag on her decanters!
imageYou don’t have to have taken the bar in order to have an office bar! But, I would suggest talking with your boss and/or HR before you venture too far into this project – but perhaps this is one of those occasions where it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Especially when the apology is served with an olive, a clink, and a “l’chaim!”