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The hubs and I aren’t quite ready to buy a house – but we’re in the early stages. I use this as my open ticket to spending obscene amounts of time on both Realtor.com and Pinterest. “A savvy buyer is a knowledgeable one.” “The market may not be the same when we buy, but at lease I’ll have an idea of what to expect.” “I’m not mentally moving in, I’m gaining insight.” At least — these are all the things I’m telling myself to justify my addiction.

My dream house would be a Craftsman Cottage. Do you know what those are? Here’s an example:

CraftsmanThe front porch…the sturdy yet artistic columns…the angularity and slight asymmetry…it’s all just so dreamy!(source)

I digress. These homes are typically from the 1910s through the 1940s, and – if you’re lucky – have not yet been fully updated. This means that their original fixtures: lighting, built-ins, sinks, and tubs, are usually still around. Which brings me to today’s post: clawfoot tubs.There’s no way I can go into all of the reasons why they are wonderful in just one post – so expect more in the future. Suffice to say that I’ll start with one of the biggest reasons I think clawfoot tubs are so great: they’re pretty. :) Sure, that’s a little shallow – but things always start with looks. It’s hard to blog about how wonderful it feels to soak in a tub like this – how the bubbles congregate in just the right areas, how your elbows fit perfectly in the curves and your book is at the perfect angle, and how the world just melts away…but I can drool over pictures.

Here’s a few examples of fabulous tubs I’ve found while spending countless hours on Pinterest:Gold tubModern whiteIndustrial chicSparseMintclawfoottub showerSink Inlavendar(Sources: gold, modern white, industrial chic, sparse, mint, shower, sink in, lavender. You can find these, and other gorgeous bathrooms, on my board Rub-a-Dub Room.)

My thoughts have drifted to how I would style the wall that the tub is on – should the pipes be integrated into the wall – and I’ve smiled and thought about how bathrooms can always use a little whimsy:

mural(source unavailable)