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The Red Hen has started packing for the Marburger Farm Antique Show that takes place the first week of April (Tuesday, April 2 through Saturday, April 6), in Round Top, Texas.  For those who have never been to the Round Top, Texas Antique Extravaganza week, I will try to cover this phenomenal event in another post.  Suffice it to say, that since the late 1960s, when Emma Lee Turney started the showing and shopping madness, it has been the highlight of antique lovers across the U.S.A.  Emma Lee is a treasure and continues to manage the Folk Art Festival in Round Top.  (source)Marburger (6) (1024x683)

It has been a busy “spring” for the Red Hen with shows–I say “spring” because in Texas I think of “spring” starting the day after New Year’s Day.  Those of you who are transplants to Texas from places far north will agree with me.  Anyway, there was the Big Red Barn “Winter” show in Round Top in January, the Antique Elegance Show in Dallas (Richardson) in February and now the preparations for Marburger are well underway.

The Marburger show is large but comfortable to shop.  There are 12 historic buildings on the site – some were moved here just for the show – and many large tents, plus the original Marburger Farm farmhouse!  The Red Hen shows inside the General Store building and is grateful for wood floors, walls and a nice tin roof over her head!  Not to mention air-conditioning!  Books, ephemera, maps, textiles and smalls are hard to care for and display in a tent.  Red Hen knows…the building is only a recent luxury for her.

Marburger (1)Marburger (5)Dealers start to set up five days before the show!  Some of them transform their spaces into full room settings.  Some of them have themes or specific “looks” for each show.  Some sell collectibles, some sell decor.  It is truly a shopping extravaganza!

Marburger (2)And what will the Red Hen bring to the show?  Well, a little of everything!  Maps of Texas–from back in the days of the Republic!  A cool addition to decor–historic and graphic.  And, not every Tom-Dick-or-Harry has one.  State maps, county maps and maps of other countries will also come.  Then, lots of ephemera (paper):  Advertising labels–some over 100 years old, some stone lithographed and all look great framed; Chromolithographed Illustrations; Cooking Booklets;  Advertising Paper; Victorian Calling Cards;  Cool Old Photographs, including daguerreotypes, tin types, cabinet cards and snap shots; Post Cards; Magazines for children and adults; and, of course, Books!  Lots and lots of books!  Great collections and selections of illustrated Children’s books; Children’s Series books–some from the late 1800’s–some you might have grown up with;  books on Nature, Insects, Animals and Gardening; books on Travel–some with fold out maps; books on History and the Military; old School books:  Reading, Writing (Penmanship), Arithmetic, Science and Geography; Cook books; Sewing books; books on Etiquette and Fashion; Games and Activities; Pop-Up books; Chap books; books in Miniature; and on and on and on!  And of course, “smalls” to fill in the gaps–a little of this and a little of that.

Marburger (3)Marburger (4)Check out the website.  Circle the dates.  Make your plans.  Come on down and and be inspired.  Come shop!  See you there!

~Red Hen