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I recently met Miss Little Rock, and let me tell you – she’s awesome. It was my first brush with American royalty, and the fact that she travels with a tiara in the car for “just in case” made me a both impressed and jealous (in a good way)! It got me to thinking: If I were royalty, which tiara would I choose? I would certainly turn to the vault over having something new made, but there’s just so many options! (What’s a girl to do?!)

Obviously, there’s that fabulous little number that the Duchess of Cambridge wore when she was just Kate: (source)

KateAnd who can forget the iconic one that Diana wore so many years ago: (source)

DianaAs I peruse the images of iconic jeweled head gear, I’m stuck between that of Princess Maxima (of the Netherlands, naturally)–and what a fine example of recycling! (source)

MaximaThe incredibly regal Manchester tiara: (source)

ManchesterOr this delicious, starry trifle: (source)

stars with pearlsNo matter what, royalty has a way of bringing out the best of the family jewels!