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I got an awesome email this week that I just had to share:

“I forgot to tell you this story when I saw you briefly yesterday afternoon. Last Saturday, as I was driving back to Plano after the Incarnation Academy carnival, I saw a sign for an estate sale on Ridgedale. I whipped in and immediately saw this chair. I thought “WWLD?”– “what would Lainey do?” and I made them a ridiculous offer and I now have a new DIY project that only cost me $20!! Would the Attic Birds be proud?”

Of COURSE we’re proud! What a cool thing to read! And, this chair has so much potential:


Steffanie’s other decor is French traditional/country. I would consider spraying it dove grey and covering the rest in muslin or canvas – keep it simple and clean. Maybe enhance the floral details with a silver leaf or cream paint, but nothing too flashy.

What would you do to it?