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Paint-by-numbers are one of those great gifts that keep giving. Your original gift is just waiting to reach its full potential – and when it does, you either keep it as a remembrance of your hard work (and dedication to staying within the lines) or it can be passed along as a gift!

If you’re anything like me, your paint-by-numbers usually came out a bit more Rorschach or impressionist than realism, and they never quite looked like they should. Thankfully, none of those made it past the craft table. But, there are those of you out there who make beautiful art – directed or otherwise – and those are the pieces that last.

I found these coastal scenes at the Gypsy Wagon Swap & Flea a few weeks ago. The Red Hen has a thing for Maine, and the lighthouses, rocky coast, and seagulls had me reminiscing about our recent trip to Vacationland.

Vintage paint-by-numbers are actually rather collectible – their art is well-received across style boundaries and, to me, are traditional Americana. Next time you see one, think about the time it took for the unnamed artist to get all of those shapes colored in the correct paint, and consider adding it to your collection.

Happy Mother’s Day to Red Hen!