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As an Aunt, I try to make sure that my nieces and nephews know about the classics: Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and the like. This fall, I’ll have my first baby-niece, so I’m trying to brush up on the children’s books I once read.

I’m finding that these old standards are staying modern with their artwork, but are otherwise untouched – like old furniture that gets a good polish or a fresh coat of paint. The Red Hen, staying true to her namesake, recently purchased me a new copy of an old favorite: The Little Red Hen.

Mr. Gladone’s artwork hearkens back to a time before mainstream cartoons, when art was simple and folksy with just the right amount of whimsy:

little red hen 1

little red hen 2

little red hen 3

Though I love gifting vintage children’s books to expectant mothers, the perk of these newer additions lies in their coated pages and lack of care to drool and other use. I look forward to sharing this story with my niece almost as much as I’ll enjoy reliving the memories of when my family read it to me.