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We’ve been in this situation before: we spy something, or pick it up and put it down, and then someone SWOOPS in and snatches it away. NOT ANYMORE, FOLKS.

This last weekend, Emily and I were perusing the sales, when we found these adorable Lladro polar bears (ignore the duck face situation, it was early):

Though not particularly antique, my hubs has a soft spot for these Spanish creations, as his family lived close to the factory when he was a child, and his mother amassed quite the collection.

As instructed, we started a pile on a table behind the register and continued shopping. We happened back through the living-room-come-checkout-aisle, and a woman was negotiating for my Lladros! I pulled out my stern-yet-slightly-whiny voice and stated “Excuse me, you took those from my pile.” It took the middle-aged thief only a moment to realize her mistake, after which she said, “Oh. Well, no one would know it – you should put a sign on it.” She made a face at me, and at the sale-director, who explained to her the purpose of having things behind the register. She made another face and left. I, on the other hand, made a sign:

And it was successful.