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What a wild and fun ride the Attic Birds has been so far! This blog has seen us from being a collection of notes Lainey had tucked away for cocktail conversation, to becoming a business, to travelling to shows as dealers! At the end of the day – really, the week – we love going back to basics and estate sale-ing. As long as we’ve got a the sale listings, a map, and a couple of diet cokes, our Saturday morning adventures will always be our bread and butter.

To celebrate our 200th blog post, let’s take a look at the posts that get the most traffic, as well as a few select favorites from both of us:


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WHEN?: Vintage Bathingsuits 492
I loved this contest and this post! I bought the pink and navy striped swimsuit at an antique show, thinking I would frame for a cabana bath some day. When I realized that my dreams of having a cabana were more likely to include palm fronds, a bamboo frame, and some canvas tarps, rather than a bathroom with an outdoor shower, I sold the bathingsuit. The person I sold it to was very specific in her measurement requirements, so I hope it’s finding second life on a beach somewhere! I also really enjoyed learning more about the evolution of bathing attire – particularly of the fabrics – and looking through great pictures of girlfriends enjoying the sun. ~Lainey
The Mystery of the Hitchcock Chairs,  and also
Confirmation: Hitchcock Chairs — as they’re related
The pair of Hitchcock-style chairs I picked up my first time estate saleing with Lainey is where it all started!  Learning how to decide what is really Hitchcock and what is just in a similar style has been a lot of fun!  A hint on how to tell, look at the gold rings on the legs, as Hitchcock chairs did not paint the rings all the way around.  You can also look for one of the many stamps the company used on the back of the seat. It is now a game we play when we see a Hitchcock-style chair at a sale — is it or is it not? ~Emily
WHY?: Signed Costume Jewelry 365
This is actually a really important post for anyone who collects. If you want to purchase things that are investments, holding out for signed items is totally worth the wait. Though La-Rel, Coro, Pell, and Weiss might not be as well-known as brands like Chanel or Christian Dior — but they are incredibly collectible and valuable in their own right. If you’re wanting to expand your knowledge, invest in a little jewelry brand book – you can usually find them at Half Price Books, and they often come in pocket-size. This will help you identify thing swhile you’re out hunting, as well as improve your general knowledge. It’s great cocktail conversation, too! ~Lainey
Wardrobes 234
I am such a sucker for these old wardrobes! There’s no way I would be successful in living out of one (I prefer my Dallas-sized closet to the New York alternative). But, the craftsmanship that went into these integral pieces of furniture, as well as the beautiful woods that were used, make these practically works of art. California closet, step aside: vintage wardrobes are the glam way to organize – and display – your duds. ~Lainey
Sugar and Spice: Throwing a Baby Party, Vintage Style 231
All around this is one of my favorite posts, maybe because the party was so special and planning it was so much fun.  When celebrating the impending arrival of a new baby it is so special to be able to incorporate the past with the future.  The party was super modern (there were male host and no reference to “shower”), with vintage touches like the antique silver punch bowl, black and white photo in the invitations, etc.  Looking back on the day, the love and laughter that filled the house is something that will hopefully last for generations and generations.  Karis (the baby the party was for) turned 1 in April and is just one of the cutest toddlers! ~Emily

We look forward to 200 — no, 2,000+ — more!!

~Lainey & Emily

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