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Happy Birthday Attic Birds!  Today is the 2nd anniversary of our first post (you can read our profound words here)!!  While the first post wasn’t the most verbose, and we weren’t exactly sure where we were going with the blog, it marks the beginning of a great partnership and a lot of laughs.


To celebrate our birthday, we thought it’d be a good idea to go down memory lane and celebrate where we’ve come from and were we plan to go.  We each picked our top 3 all-time favorite posts, which turned into top 5 when there was one we both had on our lists.

In no particular order (maybe in chronological order?) here are our favorites:

“You want me to do what?” (August 28, 2011):  This post made the list because it was instrumental in shaping what this blog was going to be about and how we got there.  It is fun to go back and read about our first shopping experience together and reminiscence about the evolution of our friendship.  We started this thing out as good friends, moved to best friends, and have become family.  There was a lot of hope and excitement in this post! (Emily)

“Our Love Affair with Doors” (October 8, 2011):  One of our favorite memories of our estate sale-ing Saturdays is the day mentioned at the bottom of this post. It was raining and we were striking at house after house — until we got to the last one. It was a little muddy walking up to the house and it was later than we like to get to sales — we walked in with no expectations and walked out with a 7 foot door! The door had an incredible story, and the look on Emily’s face when she bought it was priceless. What a great day! (Both of us love this post)

“Sugar and Spice: Throwing a Baby Party, Vintage Style” (April 21, 2012):  This party was one of the most special events I’ve ever been a part of.  It was the perfect party, the kind where you only remember that everything came together wonderfully, perfectly, the best ever!  This post is a great representation of the awesome people we are so blessed to have in our lives and everything about it was filled with love.  It also had some kick-a$$ party planning ideas that you can incorporate into your parties (doesn’t have to be baby themed).  Because I’m an aunt and can brag a little (a lot) here is an updated pic of the “guest” of honor. (Emily)


All Hitchcock Posts (7/27/13, 9/10/11, 11/5/11): Emily’s absorption of all things Hitchcock is impressive. I no longer just admire the chairs when I see them, I put myself to the test to see if I can find the marks and makes. I’ve really enjoyed watching Emily go from the “You want me to do what?” (see post above) to an expert in her own right! (Lainey)

“The Mystery of the Office Chairs” (August 3, 2013): It was really great to connect the dots on these chairs! We’ve all seen experts working on Antique Roadshow – and the Red Hen is our resident everything expert – but it was fun to watch TAB’s newest addition, Roadrunner, work! Using only pictures, he was able to piece together the likely story of these chairs with his extensive knowledge base of mid-century furniture. That’s really cool! (Lainey)

To top off our gander down memory lane, thinking on the past year we have a lot to be proud of (hello, we climbed a mountain!), had a lot of laughs, made some brilliant purchases, etc.  We’ve had a lot of great times and created wonderful memories, but the one moment that really had a big impact was our participation in the Malawi Market at St. Alban’s Church.  Though this blog and Etsy have done well to support our passions, it’s was really great to have people shop with us in person! The pieces we carry typically have interesting stories, and it was wonderful to share these things with their future owners. On top of enjoying ourselves, it was an honor to be able to give back to a great cause.

The market was such a success that we decided to do another market, and we are pleased to announce that we will be participating in Vintage Market Days, November 8-10 in Oklahoma City!  Put it on your calendars, make plans to come see us, and watch for more details!

Besides getting more involved in shows and open-air markets, we’ve got some other changes coming up!  We’ve got a new logo in the works and will be making some cosmetic changes to the blog to reflect our new style.  Also, we’ll be adding more pages to the blog, with different types of content, to broaden the scope of things.  Don’t worry, our main focus is our love for vintage and how we incorporate it into our thoroughly modern lives!

Thank you for all of your support over the last 2 years!  We love what we are doing and hope that we are inspiring you as much as you inspire us!

Here’s to many more!!

~Lainey and Emily

Here are some fun pictures of the Attic Birds in action!

Emily in Bonnett
The 2 of us