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As I’ve mentioned before, my friend Meg has a blog about sweet family moments, recipes, home decor how-tos, and other aspects of her beautiful life in Maine. She recently did an awesome project (that I plan to do in the future) – and it was just too good not to share! Liken this to other great designer hacks, and feast your eyes on Meg’s anthropologie-style teapot lamp:

teapot lamp (2)

How great is this?! Emily and I often find orphaned cups and saucers (another project idea here) and teapots and sugars without lids — what a perfect use of what would otherwise end up trashed! If mix-and-match isn’t your bag, spray your new lamp a solid color (once assembled). This lamp is perfect for your entry way, your dining room, your bedroom – even your little girl’s room! Want one for yourself? Meg’s got these easy-to-follow instructions detailed on her blog:

* your china…teapot, teacups, creamers, saucers
(note: i recommend getting a ruffled or scalloped bowl for the bottom as your lamp base, otherwise you’ll need to drill a hole on the side of your bowl base for the cord to come through)
* 1/4 or 1/2 in diamond drill bit used specifically for glass, ceramic or porcelain
* gorilla glue
* lamp kit

steps: [abbreviated]

teapot lamp (7)

drill (enter: hubs or crafty friend.)

teapot lamp (5)stack, wire, glue

teapot lamp (6)

teapot lamp (8)

wait [wine reward?]

teapot lamp (9)

lamp assembly, add the shade and finial (optional), and [presto-chango!] Your new teapot lamp! [Check out that fabulous sideboard! And lace in frames? We’ll have to do that, too!]

teapot lamp (1)Megs! Your lamp (and lace!) has us inspired. Thanks for sharing your project (and blog) with us!