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Have you been to Marburger Farms? (And no, I’m not trying to do my own take on Scarborough Fair.) Marburger Farm is this amazing antiques and arts community out in Round Top, Texas, that sets up twice a year in a field (of Marburger Farm) in the middle of, essentially, nowhere, Texas. As we’ve mentioned before, the Red Hen has had a spot at Marburger for several years – this year being no exception. She can be found at the General Store.

Please take less than four minutes and watch this video regarding Marburger Farms – knowing that it’s much more than just a commercial. The dealers featured have advice for you – for all of us – that transcends this particular show.

What is the bottom line for [potential] collectors? Buy what you can afford.  Buy what you love; don’t buy just the first thing that you see. Buy what is unusual – that special piece that speaks to you.

And, if you’re in the market for something – go to a show that is exciting, that is eclectic and diverse – go to “the best show in the country; the ninth wonder of the world!” Go to Marburger Farms. October 1-5.

See you in the fields.