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While looking through pictures of furniture with my mom, we came across this Hitchcock-style bench underneath the pile of stuff (want to know how I knew it wasn’t a real Hitchcock bench?).


My mom made the comment, “Your great-grandmother had a similar bench that I inherited.”

My response: “Oh really, where is it?  I don’t remember seeing a painted bench around the house?”

My mother’s response: “I painted it lime green and it is now on the porch.”


I can only imagine the expression on my face looked something like this, because she then said: “I didn’t know!  You weren’t into that stuff when I painted it!”


While it pains me a little that potentially a real Hitchcock bench has been painted over, I am a big believer in upcycling and making things your own.  My advice: make sure you do a little research before you paint or doing anything that can’t be reversed.  At a minimum, look for a stamp or signature and do a quick Google search – it might save you from face-palming later!

Happy hunting!