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I do have history with this event — I used to work for the Red Hen, and others, when I was in college and grad school. If you’ve never been to Round Top, Texas, then you’ll have to use your imagination when I tell you that this tiny town becomes the mecca for everything vintage and antique during the Round Top Antique Festivals. My favorite place to be is in the “smaller” (43 acres!), more saturated scene out at Marburger Farms (map). Here you’ll find a little bit of everything, and a whole lot of it! Stainglass windows to children’s books, diamond jewelry to 18th century furniture – and absolutely everything in between.

It’s funny — this series of antique shows has been in my life for many years – but I think I’m just now in the right age-bracket of people who appreciate this antique diamond-in-the-fields, as I’m hearing more about it today than I have before. Perhaps it’s just that vintage is more en-vogue now, more than in recent history, and my peers are starting to understand how much better their older homes look with period furniture. Or maybe it’s that we’re finally at the age where we want our homes to look as refined as our great-aunt’s does in our mind’s eye. Antiques are green, y’all – and recycling is important!

No matter what it is, I’m thrilled to be headed down to this famed antique show this weekend! From the early dawn through the closing bell, I’ll be hunting around for great deals and interesting items. I look forward to sharing them with you!