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Like I mentioned before, Labor Day weekend was spent cleaning out my Great-Aunt Emily Jane’s house and I came away with some really great treasures that gave me glimpses into generations before me.  One of the items was my aunt’s high school graduation speech she gave as the salutatorian.  I already knew she was really smart and talented, but what struck me was how relevant her speech would be today if given to a group of young adults heading out into the real world.  Granted the innovations and technologies have changed, but the fact that the world constantly changes doesn’t.

With all of the conflict discussed on the Internet and social media, I thought it would be good to put something out there that may inspire and unite.  Even if it was written over 70 years ago.

speech1_0001 speech1_0002We talk a lot about how to change old things to make them “new” or modern.  Sometimes it is nice to stop and reflect on how sometimes a really great purse, well tailored skirt, or a high school graduation speech can just be timeless.