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142 pictures and [only!] $200 later, I have shopped my first Marburger Farm. And, let me tell you right now – I didn’t do it justice. People wonder why this show goes on for 5 days, and why it takes dealers a week to set up — and, much like some of my beloved Aggie traditions, you can’t understand until you’re there. Acre upon acre, tent after tent, shelf over table over display — there are antiques *quite literally* up to your eyeballs! And, you won’t see them all. You can’t. I’m pretty sure some dealers don’t know everything that’s in their booth! It was truly incredible.

To start, let me assuage a concern I heard from many before I went: “You’re going on Saturday? Won’t all the good stuff be gone, and all the booths picked over?” I can assuredly answer you, friends – there’s TOO MUCH to be gone in 5 days! I didn’t see a single booth with an empty table, and it wasn’t for lack of shoppers. MF has a selection of seasoned dealers who know their audience and the festival. They over pack their displays, have more in reserve, and even more in their storage unit/truck/house, which is close for restocking. Even the people from across the pond have extras to help fill in after big sales. So – believe me – Saturday is a *great* day to shop this show! (And, to be frank, an even better day if you don’t have a shopping list and just want to get some great deals!)

A note to newbies: The early bird gets the worm when it comes to driving out to Marburger — the little town of Round Top does not have the road capacity to handle the BOOM in traffic. Have patience! Stop for a cup of coffee or piece of pie on the way out. Round Top Antique Festival goes on in the town – as well as a few other stops along the way. But, stay strong, road warrior! Antique heaven is almost there — hold out time and money for Marburger, the best curated of them all!

A Texas woman’s pride is her diamonds and her denim – and MF lets both sides of her personality absolutely shine. The unspoken (but widely observed) dress code for this outdoor affair is cowboy boots and comfort. Don’t have a pair? Don’t fret – there are lots of dealers who carry women’s (and men’s) vintage kickers in a variety of colors and sizes.

And, to note – a “Very Important Blogger” swag bag that includes a fan, a measuring tape, a shopping bag, and a 26-page guide of dealers & maps is the sign of a has-to-be-good show!


Without ado, here are some glimpses of the show!

I realize I haven’t gotten very far — I saw so many amazing things! But – don’t worry. You’ll note that this is Part 1 of my MF posts — and I have no idea how many will be in this series. There was too much good to gloss over all of it in one post, so stay tuned these next few weeks as I hash everything out!

A HUGE thank you to Tara & Ashley at MF – I had an absolute blast! And thank you to the vendors who, in order, allowed me to photograph their amazing things: 2 Sisters, Fields Antiques, Seeing Pink Elephants, Perspective, Cat’s Meow, Pat White’s Christmas, the Pijnapples, The Trophy Room, Euro-Linens, Acanthus, A Century of Lighting, Totem Salvage, Wild Geranium Antiques & Design, Old & Proud, Toymaker, and Commandant’s Cottage Antiques & Books.



Disclosure: Tickets were provided by Marburger Farm. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author alone.