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CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WON! GREAT JOB! These are all things we (I) like to hear throughout my life. I like to have recognition when I’ve done something well. How better, then, to celebrate an accomplishment (or heck, sometimes even a birthday) than with a trophy or ribbon! It seems that trophies and ribbons are the en vogue decoration right now. While I usually see one here and there at estate sales, they were all over Marburger Farm. Professional decorators and individuals alike are finding creative ways to use trophies of yesteryear as interesting decor. Whether the dates are significant or not, a trophy can add a finishing touch to your bookcase, center piece, or other vignette. (pun intended).

Here are the best of the trophies I saw:

Also interesting – whether integrated with trophies, as above, or hanging alone- are horse ribbons. These sun-lightened ribbons graced some of the strongest and most agile beauty contestants out there. Whether best in show or second runner-up, these prizes themselves make quite a statement, especially when clustered in color-complementary sets.

I’m inspired to find trophies for friends as gifts for birthdays, promotions, babies, and other life updates. Perhaps summiting Kilimanjaro was the accomplishment I’ll celebrate when I find an art deco trophy for my home decor!


Photos courtesy of dealers The Trophy Room and Totem Salvage, at Marburger Farm.

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Disclosure: Tickets were provided by Marburger Farm. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author alone.