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Emily had a great idea for using a spare glass as a vase. As you know, we frequently repurpose vintage orphans as vases. But, there are times when real vases are just too good to pass up. Below is a pictorial step-by-step of a recent floral arrangement that far exceeded my true skill level and expectations!

Start with an interesting vase, preferably one well weighted.

Purchase and separate your flowers. I like arrangements to have at least three different flower types with a similar color palette.

Start with the perimeter of the arrangement. These sleepy-headed garden roses need the support of the lip of the vase.

Add height.

Add depth and filler – I like to use spray roses for this. For this arrangement, I also added a fourth, different colored rose.

Continue filling, adding in different textures. I like to use berries, wood, or thistle-y things to add dimension.

Et voila! A well-balanced bouquet with as much visual and textural interest as fragrant aroma — all in an a fabulous vintage container! Don’t forget to look at your arrangement from every angle as you go — you don’t want things to look lopsided instead of purposefully asymmetrical, and you want to be sure things are balanced for optimal viewing.

A little raffia / straw ribbon finishes this chic arrangement.


Bonus: the unused pieces make a lovely arrangement to reward your hard work!