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Lainey is the Queen of beautifully wrapped presents with interesting gift tags.  I can’t compete with her creativity and skill, but she has inspired me to put a little more effort into my Christmas wrapping this year and make my own gift tags.

I found an old card my great-grandparents sent my great-aunt and uncle one Christmas that informed them they’d received the “TV Guide” for 12 months as a gift.  On the front is a cheery “Merry Christmas” that I thought was too cute to throw away.  I decided to take images from this card and make them the centerpiece for my gift tags.

Xmas1 xmas 2

My first step is to scan the card using my computer scanner and crop the images.

xmas 3

My friend, Palvih and I got to work on making the gift tags on a recent snow day while watching holiday movies (perfect remedy for cabin fever).  We used some card stock in different colors, glitter, and burlap.  You can also use other craft supplies like ribbon or stickers to embellish the gift tags.



Because I have done zero Christmas shopping yet, I wasn’t sure what size to make my tags, so I just made several different sizes.  I will make the gifts I end up purchasing work with the gift tags.

Some of our tags turned out better than others, and we realize both of us are not the best at cutting, but we had a blast.  All that is missing is some ribbon and the gift!



Feel free to use these images for your own gift tags or Christmas cards.

Xmas1 xmas2

Hope you have a great holiday season!