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If glitter and glue aren’t your thing (some might say after Saturday’s post, they aren’t mine), here’s an idea, courtesy of my mom, that will still allow you to create unique gift tags for your holiday gifts.  Depending on your level of hoarding, this is one idea you may have to implement next year.

I hate throwing out cards, it seems like such a waste. However, I don’t really have the storage space, so every year after birthdays and holidays, I throw out the cards with a terrible guilty feeling in my stomach.  Well… thanks to my brilliant mother (Christmas is around the corner), I have a new way to use the holiday cards I receive.  Repurposed as gift tags!

It’s easier than the gift tags I talked about last week, all you do is cut the front and tape to the present.  Then you find some available space to write who the gift is to. Voila!

If you don’t have old cards from previous years, that’s ok!  Just start saving your favorite cards this year – I’d just put them in a large envelope and keep them with your gift wrapping supplies so you have easy access to them next year!

Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season!