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We’ve all been there. It’s the Thursday before a holiday weekend / event / birthday, and you make the utterly irrational, but spiritedly-driven, decision to have a party on Friday night. After you work all day. After the week you’ve had.

And, we’ve all regretted the decision – even if just for a moment – when we look at our daily dishes and glasses.

But – what if you could pull together a setup that not only makes your nosh look delicious, but also makes you look like a queen? It’s TOTALLY DOABLE. How can I be so sure? Because I’ve done it.

Unlike the glorified 1950s housewives we’ve all come to admire and admonish, I don’t have a perfect dinner on the table every night, my house is not spic and span, and I definitely don’t wear only a demi-apron in the kitchen (because I make one heck of a mess!). BUT, I can pull together a last-minute shindig without having a full on panic attack and, most importantly, without losing my ability to have a good time! And, with the help of some strategically placed shiny objects, I can distract my way into making cheese and crackers looking like a blowout!

We encourage you to buy vintage when you see them — for yourself or as gifts — not only for their immediate consumption, but for their usefulness in party crunches. Little touches like crystal decanters, silver serving trays, kitschy glasses save an otherwise mundane spread. They add the glitz and polish that says “this is a put-together hostess who did SO MUCH in so little time”. Trust me – these things say that, paper plates and solo cups* do not.

So, uncan your cocktail weenies into an epergne, and serve the sauce from a gravy boat. Put your salt and pepper in classier shakers, your bakery cookies on a silver tray, and pour your party punch into a crystal pitcher: Hand out these 1950s snack plates (complete with punch-ready cups and a cigarette rest!). And open the door to an awesome night!


*We are firm believers in the solo cup, but it has it’s place. Backyard BBQs, the beach, floating the river, sporting events.