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Another archive edition – this, one of our favorite posts (because of the hysterical memories involved) — The Weirdest and the Worst of 2011. We’ll be back after the new year.

~Lainey & Emily

Originally posted January 11, 2012:

If you’re anything like me, The Best Of lists are great – but I always want to see the things that made the opposite list! Perhaps it’s a dark sense of humor, but I find it incredibly interesting! Granted, our The Best of 2011 list was amazing – if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should! (click here!)

You never know what you’re going to find when you walk through the front door of an estate sale. Each door is a portal into someone else’s life – and each house has unique character. We’ve seen some pretty odd things over the year, and this really is the Best of The Weirdest and the Worst of TAB’s Estate Sale-ing Adventures of 2011!

We’ll start mild – this estate sale company just wanted the shoppers to know their capabilities up front!

It’s a good thing there isn’t a scratch-and-sniff to go with this astro-turfed sunroom. I believe cats were this person’s pet of choice. Note, however, that we have a full-year of wreaths ready for your home! I heard the estate sale people say they didn’t do much to the porch – do you think that meant she had these wreaths on display all year?

Not as weird as some things – but this yard bunny definitely had a creepy factor.

From a distance, it looked like this garage housed a person’s love for the craft of miniatures…but up close, it was definitely a greater passion than I’d expected!

This little elf was used in a previous life as a drink marker for a holiday cocktail party – but he really looks like he just wants to escape the cupboard!

I’ve made my fair share of fashion faux pas – but, taffeta aside, never have I ventured into neck tulle! (does anyone else think of Seinfeld and his puffy shirt?)

This estate sale was fabulous and full of all kinds of interesting things. But, the one thing that really stood out was this woman’s love of toasters!

When life hands you a Jeffrey, stroke a furry wall. If you’ve seen the movie Get Him to the Greek, you know the reference. If not, just trust us. You don’t want to stroke a furry wall…or a trashcan with a tail! I get recycling and up-cycling, but sometimes granny’s fur has just got to go!

We’re huge proponents of wearing vintage furs — it was long dead before you ever bought it! But, this little guy must have had a SERIOUS social life. When we picked this stole up out of the box, his foot fell off! We had a silent moment and left him to be purchased by someone who could put him to good use.

Unfortunately, some of the homes we go into have been left in terrible states of disrepair. We’re never sure if someone lived there recently or if the home has been vacant, but this house was really bad. We hope that the previous estate owner had a chance to live in this home in it’s glory days, and all that saw these sad, peeling walls were those taking her estate to new homes.

From The Weirdest and Worst of 2011

Finally, this music box. Though pretty on the outside, the tune it played was unexpectedly haunting….