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Spring is just around the corner and with the season generally comes the season of weddings.  If you are planning your own (congratulations!) or are planning a bridal shower for a special couple, we have a great centerpiece idea for an afternoon tea.

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This idea comes from a wedding I attended last weekend, and the theme of the reception was a tea party.  I loved the way the bride incorporated both the couple’s love of reading with vintage touches.  These centerpieces are easy to put together, you can find old hardback books at estate sales, used book stores (Half-price Books anyone?), and antique malls.  The books do not need to be expensive, just make sure to smell check before you buy (don’t want an old, moldy, musty book stinking up your party).  You could go with a theme like “love stories”, “poetry”, “music” or get a variety of books.  I would look for different sizes as well.  Get ribbon that matches the color scheme and tie a bow around a stack of 3 books.

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To find tea cups, tea pots, cream and sugars, I would recommend antique malls.  It is hard to find singles of different patterns at estate sales (usually they are sold as sets).  I like the variety of different patterns and shapes.  Fill each piece of china with a little water and flowers.  Hydrangeas and roses work great.  You can read about using cream and sugars as vases here (would work the same for a teapot or cup).


Arrange the china and books in the center of the table and voila!  You have a unique and special centerpiece for your party or special day.

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The books can be used as party favors.  Print off stickers with a message from the bride and groom and invite your guests to take a book home!

If you wanted to do something similar for a baby shower, you could use children’s books (doesn’t have to be vintage) and start a library for baby!