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Maybe it’s just me, but getting a frame that requires 2 nails is the worst!  You have to get out the measuring tape/ruler and let’s face it, you never get the distance quite right (or straight).  Well, below is a trick that I learned and it save me a lot of cursing on Sunday when I was hanging a couple of new pictures up around my house.

In addition to your hammer and nails, all you need is a pen and some masking tape!  This trick is so easy, you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it sooner.


All you do is run the masking tape across the back of the frame.


Then you mark with your pen where the nails should go.


Peel the tape off and stick on the wall where you want your frame to be.


Hammer your nails on the marks and rip off the tape.  Hang your picture!


I used this trick on a couple of etchings that I recently picked up.  They were part of a holiday promotion from an advertising company in the 1960s.