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There’s this thing they say about the early bird getting the worm…and there are no truer words for these Attic Birds when it comes to estate sales! We were doing a bit of photographing and inventory-ing this weekend, and decided to treat ourselves since things were going so well. I received an email from my latest obsession – Candy’s Dirt – (you can read a previous post, courtesy of them here) – and realized that this was a sale *not* to be missed. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones with that realization!

That’s the line out the door as we were leaving the house. We’d been inside for less than an hour, and it was only 11a. A police officer was manning the door and acting as crowd- and fire code- control. The sale started on Wednesday – and, based on the neighborhood and high profile of the decedent – I can only imagine that line wrapped around the block!!

We left without any purchases, but in awe of a life fully lived. The things left in the home after multiple sale days were still impressive and decadent, and I can only hope that everything found a good home.

So – buyer beware! The early Attic Birds get the deals while you’re still finding parking!