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We showed one picture of this set of calling cards in last Saturday’s post – but the incredible details of this particular set of hand-written calling cards deserves a closer look.

Carrie J Benson (8)

Ms. Carrie G Benson obviously took her calling cards very seriously. Not only was each card carefully written in beautiful calligraphy, but each had it’s own flair. My favorite of the set was this one: “Compliments of Carrie G Benson”. How long did it take her to get that loop-de-loop right?

Carrie J Benson (2)

Whether she was saving it for a special occasion or just couldn’t part with it, we’ll never know – but I am happy it survived to be a part of this set.

And let’s not ignore the beautiful, hand-made red velvet carrying case. You remember, purses of the era of these cards were small, so real estate was carefully partitioned. Perhaps Ms. Benson left her Whiting & Davis aside and carried only this case, allowing others to appreciate her craftsmanship and pop of color.

I wish I knew more about Ms Benson – whether she was a cavalier, free spirit who defied social rules by carrying such a brazenly colored card case, or if she was on the periphery of proper society, and saved every penny for these gold-edged cards and painstakingly wrote her name on each, praying not to make a mistake that would waste a card. Either way, I’m glad her name will live on.