When Emily and I wax eloquent about our love for vintage and our proclivity to start new collections frequently, we are often met with the raised eyebrow and question combination that makes our stomachs clench: “You mean, you’re kind of a hoarder?” No. No no no. Not at all. Though our tendency towards vintage and well-planned vignettes might be difficult to explain without pictures, we can assure you there are no magazine stacks, missing pets, or odd smells. We are just … curating our lives carefully. And, when we’re shopping, we’re not necessarily shopping for ourselves. We have clients and friends who have asked us to keep an eye out for a certain item (or, even, genre of item). So, not only are we not hoarding, we’re not addicted to shopping. (well, not in the true sense, at least!)

Emily came across this image recently, and it best sums up the Attic Birds approach to life:


So, there!