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We recently came across this diagram of what a bar cart should have – and while you should make your bar space your own, this is a fantastic visual of a thoughtful bar! Samantha Green at Red Envelope is responsible for this, and we bow to her mixing greatness.

She ends the original post by saying:

“The perfect home bar cart doesn’t have to be stocked with everything your favorite bar does, but it should have some of the same essential liquors and tools to make tried and true favorites like Martinis, Manhattans, Old Fashioneds [sic], and Sidecars. A well-stocked bar cart is just as much about having the right barware as it is about having a favorite scotch or gin on hand.” [bold added]

We couldn’t agree more! Good booze is what it is, but a fancy glass or pineapple shaker makes ALL the difference!

Bar Cart