Though not antique in it’s own right, most of the folk artists at Marburger Farm could be classified as “extreme upcyclers” – and, for that reason (and myriad others), we consider them a part of the vintage family.

There were three folk artists who really drew my attention this time around. They are D. Redington Design, Dolan Geiman, and Vintage Sculpture. Their pieces were all unique but somehow had the same undercurrent – perhaps the vintage lover in all of us is a harmonizing current. Whatever it is – they were great, and gracious, and I’m excited to share their points of view.

Dakota of D. Redington Design was madly working when I approached him on Saturday morning. He said that this show was incredibly successful for him, but that he was running low on inventory – so he had to keep working. His art was huge and in your face and supremely clever. A conversation that includes the phrase “do you mind if I take some pictures of your banana” could be epic in either the best or worst possible way — and Dakota ensured it was hilariously perfect.

Dolan Geiman had smaller pieces, but that didn’t diminish their impact. The shadow box effect of much of his art makes it so that you see something different each time you look, and you spend much more time examining each piece – so you can fully appreciate all of the detail. As you might expect, his birds were my favorite; but, his whole booth was entrancing.

Brad and Sundie of Vintage Sculpture have a super cool point of view. Their art is what you would expect to see in Texas – full of Native American nuance and “wide open skies” vibes. My favorite piece was the Indian – “Medicine Man” he was called; and, if you look closely, some of the feathers in his headdress were made from prescriptions from the late 1800s. THIS GUY makes the kind of art that makes you smile – you recognize bits of history, and yourself, in his pieces – which makes you want to take it home and show it off.

Photos courtesy of: D. Redington Design, Dolan Geiman, and Vintage Sculpture at Marburger Farm.

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Disclosure: Tickets were provided by Marburger Farm. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author alone.