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Equestrian gear is a classic trend for home decor. I’m used to seeing bits (pun intended) and pieces here and there, but Marburger had horses on full display. Though rocking horses might conjure thoughts of nurseries and children, don’t banish pony to the corner just yet. Most antique horses are true works of art and so much more than just a toy. The first rocking horse on the top right is actually made of hide – so it straddles the line between taxidermy and play – and, though aged, was still quite a proud stallion.

Even if you’re judging this trend solely on the examples above, you see that you have a variety of ways to incorporate an equine vibe into your decor. Not pictured are some standards like horseshoes, riding crops, jockey’s hats, and trophies or ribbons (like I talked about here), just to name a few. Have fun with it! Horse around!

*Editors Note: the adorable little guy on wheels (mid-left) is actually a donkey, not a horse.  The dealer said we need to be factual; so, we recognize that, though part of the equine family, he is but a little ass.

This wraps up my Marburger Farm series for Spring 2014. I had such a great time looking, learning, and reliving through blogging. Again, a HUGE thank you to Tara, Ashley, and the amazing Marburger Farm team. I hope to shop again in the fall! (Shameless plug)

Until next time….

Marburger Farm Spring 2014 (157)


Sidenote: If you read Part 1, you’ll note that I mentioned Staffordshire, but didn’t post about it. There is so much to know about Staffordshire, and I feel that I’ve not even scratched the surface. I will write about it soon, once I’ve done a bit more research.

Photos courtesy of: Madelena, Pijnapples, Alan Hoops & Steve Thompson, Robert Perry & Nancy Fishelson Design, Sheffield Antiques, Susan Wheeler Home, and Yesterday’s Treasures at Marburger Farm.

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Disclosure: Tickets were provided by Marburger Farm. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author alone.