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*Warning: Some of the pictures in this post are not safe for work (or young children)*

Besides getting great deals on stuff that you just can’t find anymore, one of the benefits of estate sale-ing is you get to tour some interesting homes and learn how people lived. It’s like my own anthropological dig every time I go to a sale. Estate sales are usually a large collection of a person or family’s life and you can learn a lot about people based on the things they’ve accumulated over the years. In a weird way, estate sales honor people’s lives and experiences.

That being said…estate sales are a lot of fun, because you never know what you will come across.  Back in March, I was able to go to an estate sale with my mom and aunt in Waco, TX and we hit a gold mine in terms of finding “unique” items to talk about.  This house was a typical mid-century split level home and it was filled with your usual middle class mid-century furniture and decor. There were a lot of religious art spread throughout, standard for this part of the country.  I didn’t really pay much attention to the art on the walls until I discovered the husband’s bar and this pitcher and mug set.

Pitcher and MugsNot only did he have this mammary-themed set, he also had a set of Playboy water glasses, and a box of ice nudes. The husband also continued his appreciation for the female form in his choice for posters in his office.


The ice nudes are circa 1950s-1960s and feature both a front and backside. I love the saying on the box “When good people get together…make ICE NUDES to chill their drinks.” I kind of wish I would have been able to go to a party in this home.


icenudes3 icenudes4 icenudes1

The pitcher and mugs and ice nudes were enough on their own to get me in a fit a giggles (sometimes I have the maturity of a 12 year old), but it was the contrast of the husband and wife’s styles that made me laugh even more. I’m not sure if the wife felt the need to display a large amount of religious art to offset her husband’s decorative tastes, or if they were both just letting each other express themselves.

Either way, the items in this home definitely told an interesting story. And these ice molds, are definitely not your normal ice cube trays.


Hey, like they say, opposites attract!

We do have the ice nudes set available for $22.  It would be a great addition to your next gathering or would make a fun gift!



P.S. Happy Baby Party Day to our dear friends Dan and Kelly!  We are so glad we get to celebrate your soon-to-be-here bundle of joy!