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Our dear friend Julie spent some time in Louisiana this past week, and she stumbled upon one heck of an estate sale! You never know what you’re going to walk into at a sale (another example is the nudie sale Emily talked about here). Most houses are a good adventure that leave us wondering “who exactly was this person?” while others leave us speechless. Here’s a glimpse into a stranger’s life–someone with an interesting sense of style.

Take, for example, this blue dress, which is Little House on the Prairie meets Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Isle meets Sixteen Candles!

Or, this wig, which puts Donald Trump to shame.wpid-img_20140520_205644.jpgHow about these 90s sunglasses? They’re certainly worthy of some seaside selfies.


Here, Julie shows off her link style with a stylish fanny pack, selection of clubs, and a container to pick up some crawfish for dinner! (Who says water features are just decoration?)wpid-img_20140520_205757.jpg What’s the saying? “You’re never fully dressed without a….sword”?


They say that the house is a reflection of self, and this sale – and myraid others – are proof that interesting people are all around us.

What would your sale look like?