One of the little things you don’t think about before you buy a house is what your house numbers will look like. Sure, we’ve all ogled Pinterest and it’s myriad interesting ways to display your house number — but you don’t really *think* about what you want yours to be until it’s yours.

That being said, the house numbers on TOH (this old house) are yawn-inducing booooooring! There’s nothing special about generic black nail-on numbers in Times New Roman.

So, speaking of Pinterest, here are some interesting styles and ways to do home numbers. My hope is that we can find something period-appropriate, but that still feels modern. Will keep you updated!

Paisley in a pear tree - etsy

Vinyl numbers are a great non-permanent way to try out modern style. (source)


You could repurpose an old milk can… (source)


Or, go more original with colored glass panels. (source)


Find a vintage enameled sign with your number. (source)


Dress up your address with vintage script signs! (source) – probably my favorite style


Or, have a custom vintage-style sign made. (source)

And, as it turns out, there’s a website called http://www.housenumberlab.com/ that is a dedicated resource to those wanting to find the perfect house number font and style! Since it’s one of the first things that people see when they come to your home, I appreciate that others find it as serious a matter as I do!