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I recently had the pleasure of visiting M’Antiques in Oak Cliff. I’d met proprietor Compton Creel at Antique Elegance last Fall, where he gave us the rundown of his masculine vintage mecca. I’m embarrassed that it took me until now to go, but it’s officially now on the circuit!

M'antiques log

M’Antiques is exactly what you would hope it would be, based on name alone. Part man, part kitsch, all vintage. One of the ways Creel lures in his crowd is with free beer dispensed from a vintage frdge/kegerator in the middle of his store. As a suds loving female, I appreciated this touch — as did the other shoppers, which was relatively split between begrudging husbands and enthusiastic & bearded hipsters.

M'antiques (5)

To be honest, I was surprised at the amount of “fine” antiques inside. Victorian hair art and French ormolu sat next to trench art and pinup girls, as if it was just another day in the ‘hood….which it was!


I just love his book sections & related drawings; and, that clock may need to turn into a project!

Creel has done an impressive job of curating his store. I don’t know that I’ve seen such a concentration of WW2 art, including plane panels, in one place before. Inventory, always changing, caters to a variety of collectors.

Kudos to Creel and the success of M’Antiques. Go by, grab a beer, and stay awhile!