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I’ve recently decided to re-take up sewing as a hobby, one that I have neglected for many years.  I have a sewing machine and all of the trimmings set up in my new-to-me sewing desk, but I just wasn’t feeling my purple plastic pin “cushion”.  I mean, if I am going to create beautiful things, I need to be surrounded by beautiful things. This purple pin holder is just not cutting it (pun intended).

IMG_20140617_211440_170 IMG_20140617_211302_807

So I went digging around and found this small silver urn that I had tucked away in a drawer.  I have no idea what this was used for in the past, toothpicks maybe, but it would be a perfect pin cushion.  Lucky for me, I had a fabric remnant that was big enough for the project at home so all I had to purchase was the stuffing.

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After looking at different ideas on how to make a pin cushion on Pinterest (a lot of good ideas), I decided to go the easy no-sew way out.

First I grabbed a handful of the filler and stuffed it into the urn.  I wanted to make sure the fabric did not cover up the rope trim on the urn, so I aimed to have the cushion just fill the inside rim.  I cut a square piece of fabric that would cover the amount of filler I was using and then tied the opposite corners to pull it all together.  I then was able to adjust the cushion to fit inside the urn.  I could make it smaller by tightening the knots and make it fit the way I wanted.  I used the excess fabric to fill in the bottom of the urn, but you can trim them if they are in the way.  Once you have the cushion they way you like it, put a little glue/adhesive around the sides (E6000 is always a good choice).  Just add pins and you are good to go!


An alternative to the knot technique, cut a circle approximately 6in in diameter.  Use a baste stitch around the circle about 1/2in from the edge (you may have to adjust based on the size of your container) and pull both ends to make a pouch and put the filler in the middle.  Once you have it the size you want you can tie the ends together and then cut any excess thread.

I can’t promise beautiful results with from my sewing machine (still working off some of the rust), but at least I look good trying!