Confession: I’m not a fan of symmetry. I think slightly off-kilter provides interest and it alows for lack of perfectionism. It’s one of those endearing qualities that sweet hub and Emily put up with.

I saw these two pictures on Pinterest a while ago, and have been bound and determined to find a way to replicate in My Old House.




The uniformity of the all-white (I spy some ironstone!) wall is incredible, and the difference but sameness in the plates draws me in. So, I attacked a dining room wall with decorative plates that were previously scattered about, and this is what I have done so far:

TheAtticBirds plate wall (1)TheAtticBirds plate wall (3)

I added in the Syroco shelves to hold creamers, which had previously cluttered a silver tray. The decorative transfer is what I like most about them – and now I can appreciate it at eye-level! I like the way the arch is heading – though I think I need some smaller/filler plates strewn about. But, it’s a great start. And I love the curve lends additional interest to the staircase and to an otherwise oddly shaped wall. I have a feeling this is going to become an eclectic – and favorited – wall!