[Mildly NSFW]

This is much more than a post, this is a cautionary tale. Men and women alike should be aware of the long term consequences of….nudie pics.

Emily and I were innocently perusing an estate sale, and an envelope fell from a pile of purses. Inside were the negatives and prints to the following (made safe) pictures.

tAB Estate Sales Bare it All (01)

Yes, she’s obviously having the best time anyone has *ever* had while darning a dress. Sure, she’s got a killer body and great hair. But…did she want us to find these, so many years later? Or, worse, her family, as they went through her things?

Your house is a reflection of your life, so an estate sale promotes a transparency that may not have been there. Your family, friends, and strangers go through your most personal belongings and find what your drawers have kept hidden.

Bottom line: we’re betting she didn’t realize this photos would end up in strangers’ hands. If it was the socialite who owned the house we were sale-ing, they do lend an additional air of intrigue to what was obviously an interesting life!