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A certain image comes to mind when someone says “lake house furniture”. it likely varies across the different regions of the United States, but I get visions of mounted “Billy bass” fish, mismatched furnishings, and grandma’s old, worn sofa. But, my friends, there is no need for that to be the case. This past weekend, we found ourselves at a very lovely (and for sale!) lake house at Cedar Creek Lake. The furniture in the living room was all vintage bamboo, and boy was it fabulous! Updated fabrics and modern pillows ensure that these beauties don’t look outdated or out of place. And don’t think that good looks means uncomfortable. The basic frames of these chairs and sofas allowed the owners to use ultra plush foam for the seat cushions.

tAB - bamboo furniture (14)

So whether you’re retreat is in the garage, basement, attic, or someplace with a great view, remember that your furnishings can be both vintage and fabulous. Flea market finds can be easily updated and wood framed sets can be made new. Your guests will thank you!


Note: Last Saturday’s post got hung up in cyberland, and didn’t actually show up until earlier this week. Click here if you missed the pickles!