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For the longest time I’ve wanted to convert an old glass globe (the light fixture kind) into a hanging pot for the front porch. Problem was I couldn’t find one that would work and I wasn’t sure if it would really look as cool in real life. That all changed this past weekend when I found the perfect 1930s glass globe at an estate sale!


Assembling was pretty easy, I picked up some decorative chain from Home Depot (they will cut multiple strands in the length you want), screws, nuts, washers, and an “S” hook. I also picked up some moisture barrier-thingy and flowers from the garden department at Home Depot (we already had soil at home).


To assemble the hanging part, you just insert the screw from the bottom. Then you layer the chain (stick the screw through a link), a washer, and tighten the nut.


To plant, place the moisture barrier in the bowl and cut to fit (if necessary). Add some dirt and your flowers and you are ready to hang! A little tip: use a small pot to hold the bowl and keep it steady while you are planting (especially if you only have 1 set of hands).


Put all of the ends through the “S” hook and then hang in your favorite spot on the porch! Don’t forget to water!

IMG_20140713_152803_303 IMG_20140713_152733_304

I think the end result is fabulous and this project worked out better than I had imagined (if only they were all like this)!


P.S. We may be purchasing more glass globes to make more hanging plants fixtures. Let us know if you’d be interested in one if you don’t want to diy it!