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I used to keep my perfume and other bottles just sitting on my dresser, kind of haphazardly. That is, until something leaked on to my dresser and it ended up eating through the paint and finish. Now I have these gouges on the top and my bottles are sitting on top of old mail. Or that was the case until my dad came up with a brilliant solution, use a vintage vanity tray (he’s so smart)!

dresser before

We come across vanity sets all of the time at estate sales.  Women used to put their perfumes and powders into beautiful glass bottles that all matched, on top of a matching tray (usually had a hand mirror and brush to round out the set). It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to go estate sale-ing so I am currently test driving one of our smaller trays that typically The Attic Birds use for displaying glasses. It is the perfect size for the space and the gold looks bold against the black furniture.

dresser after

If you want to protect your furniture and display your perfume bottles beautifully, you are not limited to the vanity sets. Any small tray that fits your decor and personality will work, it can be a mirrored tray, silver tray, plastic, etc. The sky’s the limit! Here are some pretty and unique vanity tray’s (love the cake stand idea)!



P.S. If you like the tray I used, let us know, it is for sale!