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I am sometimes haunted by the things I didn’t buy. Sometimes it’s a good thing – allowing me to escape becoming encumbered by a piece of furniture I really don’t need, or spending money that I shouldn’t. Other times, the item(s) haunt me, and I have that dreadful I-should-have-bought-it regret. We came across these  wonderful crystal glasses at an estate sale this winter, but we couldn’t bring up any information on them during covert online searches while at the house, and those running the sale had no information on them.

tAB - unknown crystal  (1) tAB - unknown crystal  (2) tAB - unknown crystal  (3)

Something about the simple etching – a man with his dog and a woman with flowers – life doesn’t get much better than that! These glasses really spoke to me. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say they were Norwegian – maybe Danish? I honestly have no need (or space!) for them – but I do often wonder whose home they ended up in…

Do you recognize these or know where could get more information on them?