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If you ask Lainey what she thinks when she hears “Venetian,” mostly likely her heart will start beating rapidly and her palms may get a little sweaty as she conjures images of elegantly carved mirrors and white glass chandeliers – not the typical colorful Murano glass pieces that are in many homes and popping up in almost every estate sale.  Visions like these bathroom mirrors and this chandelier that I discovered at the Jacuzzi Family Winery just outside of Sonoma, CA.


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According to Wikipedia, Venetian glass is a type of glass object made in Venice (typically on the island of Murano). While many of the techniques were developed in Venice prior to the 13th Century, many artisans fleeing Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade (1204) and again in 1453 came to Venice and brought with them Byzantine craftsmanship, creating the color, transparency, and elaborate techniques still used today. As the popularity of venetian glass has grown, the techniques have made their way outside of Murano and are now being produced all over the world.

I don’t know if the mirrors and chandelier are vintage or if they were made in Venice, but they were gorgeous!  If Lainey had been with me, I’m pretty sure she would have walked out of the bathroom with a odd-shaped bulk in her purse and there would have been a gaping spot where the mirror used to be!

The idea of layering mirrors is interesting and I think it could be done outside of the bathroom and with different styles (future project?). To pull off a large chandelier you definitely need a high ceiling, but maybe one could get a similar look by using wall scones or lamps.

I loved San Francisco and wine country!  Stay tuned for more vintage and vintage-inspired San Francisco posts!


P.S. We ate like kings and queens at every meal while in SF! One of the best meals was at Firenze by Night in North Beach. The food was incredible, I recommend the Gnocchi Firenze and Petto di Cappone Ripieno (seriously why am I just now learning about capon?). Our server and some delicious wine made us feel like we stepped off the streets of California into Florence, Italy for dinner.